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The Gospel According to Bishop Simon

Tell me your funniest memory of Simon Bishop and I will try to collate everything into an illustrated book. It might only end up being a zine, but I still feel it would be a fitting tribute to someone who spread laughter and joy to all. Or to most, anyway. Definitely to me.

You can can contact me through Facebook (button in top right corner), click the ‘contact’ button above to send me an email, or just leave a comment below.

Thank you for your time.

Love and peace,

Wendy x

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12. jun. 2019

Too many to document really but him “playing keyboard” on a table in Fab Cafe to the instrumental part of “Respect” by Erasure. Him freaking out because I walked on the outer side of curbs on a regular basis. The legendary “iBag” with his treasured iToys in, complete with numerous Muslin cloths to keep his pride and joys sparkling clean. His inability to burp.... lots more but that’s off the top of my head. He was an absolute star! x

Synes godt om

Wendy Mallas
Wendy Mallas
12. jun. 2019

I'll start with Simon's bible bashing. He was a pacifist, so he would never use violence but if there was a Gideon's Bible in any hotel room he stayed in, he would throw it out of the window. If the window didn't open, it went in the bin. In book shops, he moved as many bibles as he could to the fiction section. But by far the funniest was the 'signed copy' sticker that he slapped on the front of one.

Now it's your turn...

Synes godt om
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